A Prayer for 3 a.m.

psalm 91-5aLord, it is after 3 in the morning: my “worry hour.” The terror of the night is creeping into my mind as I imagine the worst. Our adult son, Douglas, isn’t back in yet, in the home we share, so he can be safe in the bed we provide, so he can sleep in peace in those rare moments when his busy mind allows rest.

But now, at 3 a.m., he is out there. Lonely and confused. At best, he’s at a late-night diner having coffee and chatting it up with whoever will talk to him. At worst … oh the terror of the night creeps into my mind.

O Father of lights, in whom there is no shadow, thank You that You sit with Douglas wherever he is. Thank You that You are here with me as well. Reassure us both of Your care. Remind us of Your encircling love that protects and defends. Shine the light of Your peace into the worries and concerns of the dark and show us Your faithful presence.

O Jesus, the light of world, reveal to us the path toward rest. Carry Douglas away from those who lurk in the night, ready to spring out from the shadows. Deliver him from the terrors of the night that creep into his mind. Rock me back into slumber, as I entrust my concerns to You.

O God, who, in creation, separated the light from the darkness and called the light “day” and the dark “night,” thank You for taking the night watch. Keep me mindful that though You beckon me to sleep, You never slumber. And while Douglas roams through these hours, help me trust that the darkness of the night cannot hide him from Your view.


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