Prayer Guide Endorsements

31 days, 31 ways 2 pray 4 families is more than a prayer list, it is an experience of prayer! The prayer prompts are penned from a personal experience common to many families who are confronted each day with the challenges associated with mental illness. May this guide ‘spark redemptive grace’ to help you engage and align your life, family and situation with the God of all comfort and His unceasing love. – Joe Padilla, Co-founder, The Grace Alliance.

“This is a fantastic guide to help us pray through such an important and often-neglected issue. We’re so often at a loss to know how to support and pray for families affected by mental illness, and this practical guide is a wonderful resource.” – Andy Geers, Developer, PrayerMate App

“This prayer guide provides a tangible, heartfelt way for all who love and care about these families to lift them up in prayer even when we may not personally understand the mental health journey the family is experiencing. As we seek to better support and care for these individuals and families, 31 days, 31 ways 2 pray 4 families is a phenomenal way to intercede on their behalf at the feet of Jesus.” – Clara Ames, Executive Director, No Longer Alone Ministries