Sparks of Redemptive Grace and 31 days 31 ways 2 pray 4 families were written under a pseudonym, Catherine Downing, to help protect the privacy of the family. Identifying details are kept to a minimum for the same reason. The author is a mother whose adult son struggles with bipolar disorder. Trained as a teacher for NAMI Family-to-Family classes and as a facilitator for Grace Alliance Family Groups, Catherine is an advocate for mental health services and legislation. Her blog, Sparks of Redemptive Gracehas a growing followership.

She has served with her husband of 40 years as missionaries and now Catherine works as an independent communication consultant for faith-based nonprofits. Active in her church as a Bible study leader and intercessor, Catherine also mentors women in issues of faith and faithfulness.


Sparks of Redemptive Grace is a book to comfort and encourage families who care for mentally ill loved ones. It is also for friends, pastors and professionals who want to gain a better understanding of such families.


31 days 31 ways 2 pray 4 families is a prayer guide to aid intercession for families dealing with mental illnesses.