Pray For Us

1 Thessalonians 5-25Like all families that are on a journey with mental health difficulties, ours has at times been lonely and isolated. For many years we did not share our burdens with our church community for fear we would be judged, offered uninformed advice or become a topic on the gossip chain. And so, like other families who walk alongside their loved ones in the labyrinths of mental illnesses, we were hesitant to ask for help.

But as we became more transparent about our struggles, our caring and considerate community of faith began asking what they could do. Our answer was always just one word: pray. In response to their question, “How?” I prepared a list of ways to pray for our family in the daily ebb and flow of caring for a loved one with mental health difficulties. We have many amazing examples of how God has answered their prayers, and we are overwhelmingly thankful to Him. Their prayers are a beautiful example of how to “bear one another’s burdens.”

But as powerful as their prayers have been, the reassurance that we do not walk this journey alone has been another spark of redemptive grace.

The prayer points we prepared for our friends gradually became a pamphlet and just last month were published as a booklet. It covers very practical things like needs for companionship, legal help and medical care, as well as foundational items like faith and peace.

It is available from several distributors:

1.   Directly through our site: Paperback
2.   Your local bookseller
3.   Amazon: Paperback Kindle
4.   Barnes and Noble: Paperback
5.   Books-a-Million: Paperback

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