Unceasing Prayer

1 Thessalonians 5-17 2If ever there was a discipline of the Christian faith that I practice regularly it is this one: pray without ceasing. Sometimes I wonder if there is ever a moment in my day when, in the secret spaces of my heart, I am not crying out to God for healing, for safety, for mercy—for my son.

Because of mental illness, Douglas’ judgment is impaired and he is drawn to high-risk behaviors, people who would do him harm and unwise spending. He’s an adult, yet often very vulnerable. There isn’t much his dad and I can do…except pray. So we do. Without ceasing.

We also enlist others to pray with us. When we are too weary to pray, they pick up the vigil. When we are too consumed arranging medical care or legal counsel, they take on the litany. When we have run out of words, they carry out the intercessions.

How do they pray? What do they pray for? Here’s a list I prepared of 31 ways to pray for families dealing with mental illness.  Will you join us?

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