Breaking of Bread

Love, peace and grace, conversation and fellowship around the table at Thanksgiving, is an amazing gift. We are filled, not only with an abundance of food; but our hearts overflow with genuine communion. Such a meal is truly one for which we can be thankful.

However, even when the Thanksgiving table is sparse, when loved ones are missing or when tension speaks louder than peace, we can still be thankful. Why? Because when we offer thanks, miracles can happen.

Consider these examples from Scripture:

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Thanksgiving and Praise

Have you ever been invited to meet with someone very important or famous? Or can you imagine that you have? I think I would spend a lot of time planning for the visit: what to say, what to wear, how early to arrive, when to know it is time to leave, whether to bring a gift. I would be terrified that I’d make a mistake or say something offensive. And what would I do if I arrived in a rainstorm and showed up sopping wet or came on the wrong day? Or, what if I lost the invitation on the way? The possible faux pas are endless.

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Great AND Good

Sometimes it seems there is just little to be thankful for. When our loved ones living with mental health difficulties are going through a rough episode, when a change in treatment has caused an upheaval, when we run out of ideas on where to find help next, it’s often impossible to be grateful.

That’s when we turn our attention from our circumstances and look at our God who is great and our God who is good.  Continue reading