That Day

Isaiah 40-31a 2The journal entry for that day says, “I think in years to come Nelson and I will look back on today and say, ‘It was that day when we got old.’” Now, years later, I think I was right. It was the day when it was all just too much. When another step was just not possible. When the next prayer just could not be voiced. When even breathing took unimaginable effort and all reasoning was spent. It was that day when everything in us screamed E-N-O-U-G-H. Continue reading

Chariots and horses

Psalm 20-7 2I saw a poster years ago that said, “The magic is, there is no magic.” And despite our deepest wishes, there is also no silver bullet, no special formula, no perfect plan. For those who care for a loved one dealing with mental illness, we search high and low for the right doctors, the right medications, the right program hoping to find the healing. Few find it. Continue reading